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Need some help having weird issues.

In April car wouldn’t start and when I jumped it Dashboard lit up like a Christmas Tree. The following Dash Light Alerts were on:

  • Check Engine Light
  • Power Steering Malfunction
  • ABS Light

  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Traction Control
  • Brake Warning Light

For Power Steering you turn the wheel just a little and you get a little kick back in the other direction.

Also acceleration when pressing down on the gas pedal was very slow to get up to about 15mph (almost 10 seconds to get to that speed then it started increasing speed at more normal rate).

Clock and radio lost saved content indicating battery was completely dead.

Advanced Auto Parts and Liberty Tire said everything with alternator was good and just needed new battery.

ORileys machine said Voltage Reg failed.

Autozone said charging current fail but Voltage Reg Passed

Fast Forward to today (5 Months later) same issue started again. Replacing battery fixed issues last time. Mechanic is saying battery was completely dead and just need to be recharged but everything else checks out.

One more interesting thing is When the guy came and jump start the dead battery today (somehow is machined jumped it)it jumped instantly with no hesitation and all system seemed to be working. We let it sit for about 5 mins. The moment I put it in Drive everything went crazy with same symptoms as 5 months ago.

Sorry for long read. But after that my questions are:
1) Has anyone seen this?

2) Why are so many places giving me different answers and why are all the different Testing Machines being used giving such

3) If it is a dead battery could all of those systems all malfunction after a jump? I’ve jumped maybe 50 vehicles in my lifetime my personal vehicle, friends and strangers in parking lot and never had so many systems malfunction after a battery jump.

Thanks in advance for any support or help!
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