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Hello everyone...

I just purchased the Sirius Module (and installation kit) for my 2013 Mazda3 (5 door)

1) Take out glove box - check
2) Remove Air vents & radio - check
3) Attach Sirius Module - check - VERY EASY
4) Run Wiring harness - check
As others have stated...powered everything up to test...radio still works but not SAT...
upon further readying issue is the 4 pin connector

I stopped short of completely removing the center console since from what I could see there is no wire hiding under the HVAC control...unless it is tucked in there REALLY good.

So before I call the dealer to get help with the power...I figured I would ask here.

I did look at Older forum postl first, however it didn't have photos and was for a slightly older model

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