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Mazda3 vs ford focus

Hello I am totally new to this forum and I am excited to own a mazda! I don't mean to flame anyone by saying ford vs mazda but I have to share my first thrilling experience as a mazda owner.

So me and my brother have the same generation of car and decided to race. He has a 2014 ford focus hatchback 2.0L and I have a 2012 mazda3 hatchback I Touring 2.0L (my brother does not have trans issues for those who know about ford trans issues)
on paper this should totally be an even match with the ford being 5% more powerful on paper.

Well we pull up at a street light and floor it and the ford jumps a whole car length in-front of me I was horrified.
so I take it to a very cool Mazda dealership saying it was having trans problems and they say its all good and give me some pointers on driving it.

A few days later we race again. we both waited for the lights to turn green and floored it but this time I pulled a car length in-front of him. we raced 3 times that day over and over I pulled out in-front of him owning the stock FF HB.
both our cars are stock no mods.

Really love this little car. I am getting 26mpg avg, thats 100% town/neighborhood driving.
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