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Hi. I have a 2012 Mazda 3 with SkyActiv engine. Recently I was having trouble with the A/C (it wouldn't turn on). I was hoping it was just low on Freon (I had to get the blower fan replaced before) or just a small leak. Well it turned out to be a bigger problem.

Something chewed through the one of the wire harness for the A/C. From what I could tell it looks like the wire harness is on the low side, coming out of the glove box area. I'm not exactly sure but I’m guessing it's the control wire harness for the compressor. The dealer told me the pressures were all fine and that was the issue. My car is out of warranty. So they charged $110 fee for checking this (a little high in my opinion). The solution they proposed is to repair the wire harness, which would cost $275. According to the dealer, this harness is part of the main car harness, which would cost a whopping thousand dollars or more to replace. Attached are some pictures. Sorry it's kind of hard to get good pictures of this.

I'm going to attempt to repair this myself but I had couple of questions I'm hoping someone can help me with. I'm thinking the wire harness goes into the glove box, is this true? If anyone needs other pictures I can upload them. Also, is this a smaller wire harness or part of the main wire harness in the car? I'm pretty good with soldering and making wire harness (I work in the automotive industry and made automotive harnesses before). I might even have the connector and tools at work to make a new harness according to my co-worker but I'm not sure where this leads to. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm basically looking for information on what this harness is and where it leads to.

An alternative solution to repairing the harness (which would include soldering) is to crimp on a new connector to both of ends of the harness, this might save me soldering make it easier to repair. The harness is in an awkward spot. I would of course heat shrink everything.


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