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Hi everyone,

I hope I'm not posting something that exists already. I am the owner of a 2012 Mazda 3 Skyactiv, hatchback.

When I acquired the vehicle in February 2014, it was used of course, only had about 40,000.00KM on it. During the first year, perhaps 2, the fuel economy was terrific.

I was getting 700-750 KMs for every fuel tank and that's not only highway, we're talking here about both city, highway, traffic, no traffic. That's what I loved about this car at first : fun to drive car that gets a hell of a good fuel economy, comparable to a hybrid.

But during the past 1-2 years, the fuel economy hasn't been that great. I live in Québec so of course, winter is a time that the fuel economy isn't at its best. But outside the winter factor, all year long, during the past 1-2 years, I was only getting 600-650 KMs for every fuel tank. Sometimes, it's even lower than that...

I know my tires are not brand new, but I couldn't believe that's the only reason. Also, I am a very good Mazda owner : doing my visits at the dealership to get the recommended maintenance, alongside the oil changes and everything.

I was wondering first of all what other owners of cars like mine (same year, same model) have to say and what their experiences are so far concerning fuel economy. Second, I was hoping if anyone had any suggestions on what could make my car "go back" to the initial good fuel economy. Should I simply get a certain type of tires, winter and all season? Should I get once in a while high grade fuel (the more expensive ones) to "clean" the engine?

Thanks in advance for the answers and I hope I can help other people too! :)
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