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Hi there so this is my post to the forums and I've looked around a bit. I'm seeing lots of posts to do with SRI and what makes people are using.
From what I'm seeing however, on most of the makes on these websites is that the mazda 2012 skyactive 2.0 seems to not fit alot of these options. for example...

The Injen SRI models only fit the 2.5L
The Simota SRI models only fit 2013 skyactivs and beyond
The K&N 69-6031TS doesnt fit skyactiv models
AEM has nothing
DC Sports SRI model only fits the 2.5L

So far the only option I'm seeing is the corksports option and then that brings up another issue.

From what I'm seeing on the forums if you are buying an SRI then your going to need to get an air box and preferably mod it for better airflow or it will work no better than the stock airbox?

Does anyone have anymore input on the options available for this particular year and skyactiv engine? CAI option?

Thank you.
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