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I did search for an answer. I could not find one with my exact case. The hightechkey company is also
out of business.

I have a 2012 skyactive 3 hatch i-touring, which has the smart access/comfort access,
whatever you call it. You put key into pocket, everything unlocks and car starts.

My partner let the spare key get stolen out of her car, at home, parked right beside mine. So they
have her purse, and they have my spare key, and they have my address.

Dealer says $300 for a spare key and programming. Must buy the key or can not program. I doubt that is true,
but I am sure there is not a work-around. They pretended to not understand what I was saying when I was asking
well, you will cut the key to my key, will it still open the door, will it still go into the ignition (probably would not start,
but they would not answer directly if the door would still open).

So is there any type of work around or am I going to have to pay the $300, plus tax, and tax on the tax,
and garage fee, and tax on the garage fee? AND still have robbers be able to get into my car, even if
maybe they can't start it?

Any advice is appreciated.

It's a real pain in the a$$ to undo the battery every night.


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this is mazda 3 2014+ forum, but i guess the same advice applies to your case and any case with cars with keyless ignition (push to start).

getting a new key, and key programmed is only half the equation. you will still need your car reprogrammed. from what i've read in the past, mazda keys should cost $600+ usd if you lose a key since you will need 1) new keys, 2) have new keys reprogrammed and 3) have car reprogrammed. not sure what the cost will be, but you might want to get new car door locks too.

From the way you've explained things, the dealer might just be quoting you the cost of an additional key with the cost of programming that said key.
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