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I noticed that nobody posted this on here yet.

Sep 06,2016
Manufacturer Recall Number 9916H
NHTSA Recall Number 16V-644

Insufficient corrosion protective coating was applied to the ends of the external cylinders of the rear hatch/lift gate gas stay dampers (lift supports). If water containing road salt enters, it can cause corrosion. Over time, increased corrosion may eventually cause it to break as the rear hatch or lift gate is opened.

Safety Risk
The rear hatch or lift gate may drop suddenly, and/or the broken parts may hit the customer, causing injury.

Dealers will replace the lift support, at no charge to the owner.

Manufacturer's Notes
If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact our Customer Experience Center at (800) 222-5500, option #6 .

Read more here: static.nhtsa DOT gov/odi/rcl/2016/RCMN-16V644-1037.pdf

You can check this and any other actual recall using your VIN at the following website:
mazdarecallinfo dot com
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