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2011 gt foglights

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One of my stock foglight bulbs finally gave out and I'm looking to replace it with another stock bulb. I'm having trouble finding out exactly what kind of connector it is and what kind of bulb (HID, halogen, etc). I have a 2011 gt and I know the headlights are HID but don't know about the fogs. I also don't know how to go about changing them exactly and I know if I take it to my dealership they're going to try to charge me a bunch to do it when it's probably 5 mins of work and super easy. I've done it on other cars quite easily (usually going in from the wheel-well) but I've always used a guide or video of some sort and I'm a bit scared to just start taking things off without one. In this case I haven't been able to find one for this gen mazda 3. Any help with any of these things would be appreciated!

Also, the fogs haven't really improved visibility as they're aimed pretty much at the ground and don't provide any usable light. I just always have them on because I like how they look and I figure it at least helps other drivers see me. Is there a way I could adjust where they're aimed as far as height? A guide or video on this would be appreciated as well!
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