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2010 mazdaspeed 3 winter wheels

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hey, everybody I read some threads with members wondering if 16' steel rims will fit the speed 3 for winter tires. Well good news i confirmed it today it will fit witl just enough clearance to clear the front caliber and drum without doing any mods so winter speeders speed on.
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Speed Demon..lookin to buy the same setup for my 2011 that I just brought home tonight. Any issues on the ground? Stock lug nuts work okay? Need to by a set quick...last October Nebraska was buried in snow by now...LOL.
I just received my 16" steelies and general altimax's from tirerack yesterday. If I get a chance this weekend I'll put them on and see how they fit.
Sweet. That is the exact set I have in my Tire Rack wishlist. Cheap, great winter rubber. Keep us posted. Thanks!
Well, I lucked out. Found a set of aftermarket Ford Fusion 16" rims (Ultras, I think) with Blizzak tires mounted on them for $325 on Craigslist. Tires are shorter than I wanted but for the price I couldn't beat that. Decent looking wheels, too. I'll post a pic when I mount them up.

I guess my point is that if you look hard enough you can likely find a compromise fit that agrees with your budget. These are 16x7" wheels @ 40mm offset with 205/50R16 tires on them, so I will lose .5" of ground clearance (not ideal, but manageable), but they'll serve my purpose.
Thanks for the update.
Hope it's soon. There are 2 sets on the local Craigslist I want!
My luck will be that they are gone though...
Hey Wolly! I just noticed that you're from Omaha. I am too. Hope I didn't buy one of the sets you were looking at. I know a local guy that has a set of 2004 M3 GT 17" OEM wheels for $300, if you're still looking. After last season's potholes I decided to go with the 16" for extra sidewall protection. My 2004 6 got beat up bad.
I'm guessing they don't have the TPMS on them for that price?
I think 17" will have plenty of sidewall for me, I am way out west and drive to Fremont daily, so I don't have too many bad roads...
No, they don't have the sensors, but why bother? You have to deal with a yellow light staring at you for a few months...meh. Not worth the cost, IMO. I ended up buying these with one-season used Blizzaks on them for $325:

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Sweet, finally a confirmation. Thanks!
Well, snow finally fell on my midwestern city, so I figured I'd get my winter rubber on. I wanted to go with 16" so that I had some extra sidewall to prevent the wheel damage that my 6 endured last winter. I snagged a nice find on Craigslist. They are a set of Pacer 16x7" wheels that were used on a Ford Fusion. They had one-season old Blizzaks installed, 205/50R16. Not the size I wanted, but for $300 I had to try them. I lost 1/2" ground clearance and 5 mph @ the speedo, but I can live with that for a season.

They actually ride and handle much better than I anticipated, and don't look horrible either. They barely clear the front calipers. In fact, there is literally only 1-2mm clearance from the wheel weight to the caliper bracket. But, no rubbing or clearance issues. $300 well spent.

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