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2010 mazdaspeed 3 winter wheels

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hey, everybody I read some threads with members wondering if 16' steel rims will fit the speed 3 for winter tires. Well good news i confirmed it today it will fit witl just enough clearance to clear the front caliber and drum without doing any mods so winter speeders speed on.
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The size of the steel rim that will fit the 2010 mazdaspeed 3 is 16* 6.5 / 5-114 that you can get at tirerack or the dealer and i put on 205/55/16 Blizzaks
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No pictures with the steelies yet its only sept and i'm only getting ready for the winter not trying to rush it here its already long enough over here in new england lol
No theres clearance issues I jacked up the car mounted the wheel on the front and spun the tire and there was no clearance issues or rubbing.
No not with the size rim I got its a close fit but it will fit with no rubbing issues
Sorry guys my computer shit the bed and couldn't answer any questions.Thanks O'Haire for confirming it. I'm still waiting for snow over here in the North East so has anybody tested out the mazdaspeed 3 with snow tires in the snow?
I don't know about anybody else but my speed came with summer only tires and you only need one snow storm to be going nowhere fast. That why I bought blizzaks that I had on my 350z before I bought my speed and was passing suv's and that was a rwd
1 - 7 of 62 Posts
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