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2010 mazdaspeed 3 winter wheels

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hey, everybody I read some threads with members wondering if 16' steel rims will fit the speed 3 for winter tires. Well good news i confirmed it today it will fit witl just enough clearance to clear the front caliber and drum without doing any mods so winter speeders speed on.
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so you had the car jacked up and mounted tires and ther was no rubbing? did you drop the car and SEE if there were no issues once the suspension was taking the load of the car on the ground?
................... just tryin to clarify
I remember reading that's where the problem is I think...
It hits some suspension piece.
Would like to hear from speed demon on this...
I just received my 16" steelies and general altimax's from tirerack yesterday. If I get a chance this weekend I'll put them on and see how they fit.
So how'd it go??
Thanks for the update.
Hope it's soon. There are 2 sets on the local Craigslist I want!
My luck will be that they are gone though...
I'm guessing they don't have the TPMS on them for that price?
I think 17" will have plenty of sidewall for me, I am way out west and drive to Fremont daily, so I don't have too many bad roads...
That was a nice pick up...

I'm still waiting to hear whether or not 16" steelies fit on my 10 ms3
If you are getting wheels specifically for winter why wouldn't you get winter tires?
Get a "performance" winter tire if you see a good mix of dry/slush/snow/ice, best of all worlds for winter weather.
And FYI for the people with steelies, don't forget that slush and ice can accumulate on the back of your rims on the inside where you can't see it. I had this happen last year with a different car and it was shaking like mad at speeds over 25 MPH. Got under the car and looked around and noticed a giant pile of ice/slush/salt mix on the inside of a rim. Cleaned it off and all was well. So before taking your car in to a shop if it's acting up like that, take a peek for yourself.
This happens on all wheels, not just steelies.
Happened on my wife's Jetta last year, and to my MS3 on stock wheels/tires this weekend...
1 - 7 of 62 Posts
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