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2010 mazdaspeed 3 winter wheels

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hey, everybody I read some threads with members wondering if 16' steel rims will fit the speed 3 for winter tires. Well good news i confirmed it today it will fit witl just enough clearance to clear the front caliber and drum without doing any mods so winter speeders speed on.
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I'm a noob on winter/snow conditions (Just moved to New England) and was wondering if it is better to get on the second set Snow tires or All season tires?
I'm planning on ordering this set, kind of cheap and ugly but just for a few months, plus it doesnt matter if they get abused. I'm still hesitant between all season tires or winter tires

Wheels for 2010 Mazda Mazda3 4-Door i Touring


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I spoke yesterday with customer service at Tirerack; they said it is better to go with the 205/60/16 tires. I went ahead and ordered the Blizzak's and the steel wheels and they arrive later this week. Weather here in the NE is starting to get colder and a bit more rain. Time to take the old wheels and clean them up pretty nice.
Got them a couple of weeks ago and just got them installed. No clearance issues. The look of the car reminds me of the patrol cars from robocop :shuriken:

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