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Hello guys,
i have a 2010 Mazda 3 with an ongoing issue. Car has 125k miles on it with 2.0L engine.

i have an ongoing issue with P2004 code.
It first came on a few months ago. I replaced the intake solenoid and it went away. it recently came back. I drove the car at highway speeds and it went away but then came back again. I did check to see if The actuator holds vacuum and moves correctly and smoothly. It works well.

The next thing I did was used seafoam top engine cleaner as suggested by my mechanic. CEL went away and came back after a week. i might try cleaning again.

service manual says it might be the switch broken that tells if the intake is open or not.
is it possible to check it?

what do you guys think? Should I try a new solenoid? Perhaps mine is defective?
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