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Hi guys

I have an accedint earlier and my passenger headlight got damaged besides power steering pump and washer reservoir. Anyway I have purchased an used headlight off eBay Germany P/N: bbm551030 which is matching the P/N of the damaged one.

Old headlight comes with a socket in the middle with 2 wires.

The plug 2-holes (a plug of many plugs of original wiring kit - doesnt come with headlight).

New headlight comes a socket in the middle with 5 wires.

I need to know what is that socket used for? Can I ignore connecting the plug? since it is not going to fit with new socket.

I didn't connect the main bulky plug of headlight to the car wires yet.
Im afraid if i did that may i fry something or headlight becomes overheated or sort like that.

I cant upload links for images.

Thanks in advance.
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