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My wife's 2010 Mazda 3 with the Bose entertainment system started having some bizarre issues after the factory recall on dashboard was replaced by the dealership.

The HUD displays normally - radio, bt, etc.. But no audio comes from any of the speakers. Also there is now what sounds like a muffled gunshot that is constant when the car is on. I disconnected the 3 speaker/amp connections in the trunk and they stopped making the noise, but now it is coming from the Dash right above the head unit. I am attempting to get the dealership to take a look at it, but since it has been about a year or more since they replaced the dash I fear they are going to want to charge me quite a bit.

Has anyone else dealt with this issue or have some guidance on what I can do to make the sound stop? At this point my wife is ok without having the radio - but the noise is brutal. Having trouble attaching an audio clip.

Thanks in advance for any/all responses.
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