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It started a couple yrs ago, at approx 80k. My car had intermittent issues in 2nd gear where it would buck like a wild bronco and even stall if I wasnt fast catching it. It reminded me of when my bratty kid brother loaded my Toyotas gas tank with 5lbs of sugar back in the late 80s.....
So the mechanic found nothing. Dealer found nothing. As the f...errrrr...bucking problem popped up maybe once a year I put fuel additive in my gas tank and things went ok again for a while. I did have the dealer do a recommended fuel line something last year which seemed to help.
Now I am at 125k. Overnight my car has turned into a .... bucking monster - bucking so much other cars move away when I have been on the road driving.
Its definitely something connected to the fuel, I feel it in the gas pedal, and its not just 2nd gear now, it seems to be all speeds.

Any ideas?? I know its not just my Mazda that is confused about its equine lineage.
Ps did I mention that I am an uber 😂😂😂 HELP
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