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Hi all, new guy here.
Diving into the topic right away, I had the notorius TCM failure with my car.
It started with huge clunk in 3rd gear on local road, followed by AT light, Check Engine light, and ABS light. Yes, it's the 2nd gen's notorious TCM failure. I didn't know what it was at first, so I purchased Mazda3 OEM ATF and filter replacement kit. To cut to the end, I replaced remanufactured TCM, and did ATF + filter replacment.

Checked with my OBD2, I have P0753 now! (I didnt have that when the initial problem occured.) But the car drives and shifts smooth as butter, and I dont have check engine light on.
Should I worry about solving the code? (Replacing solenoid A)
Faulty TCM again? (Re-manufacturer screwed up?)
Forget about it since it drives and shifts nice with no check engine light?

Let me know your thoughts!
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