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In short, what can I do to this car?

Have a SRI, custom high flow Exhaust System up until the first Cat, MPS 6 Trans Clutch Kit, Street Tuned (currently 98.7kwh to the wheels with 195,000done on the dial) would be more but intake problems I've been told.

On the same topic; having issues with current SRI (custom SRI), currently the car has a CEL and when I got it tuned the guys there said the car is running lean because of the current pipe diameter is not complying with the MAFS. So currently the car is running fine but is forcing the Cat to compensate for the MAFS having an invalid reading.

My question to you guys about that is what is the factory inner diameter of the MAFS housing that the car will comply with and read properly. I read somewhere in this forum about this topic that mentioned AEM tuners etc were able to get a 3inch pipe that had a smaller 2.5inch pipe around the MAFS which worked but I can't find that post so I thought I'd ask about it again here. Also, could I go bigger? Or just for the housing am I only limited to the 2.5inch size.

Currently have a 63mmOD pipe adaptor on its way from AliExpress (only place I could find a MAFS adaptor) and hoping this size is going to work.

A friend said I could see if some parts from the MPS variant will fit, wondering if things like Injectors or their HiPressure Fuel Pump will fit in the 2010. Also if it's only parts from the BL MPS or any MPS 2010 model can fit.

Also, what other mods can I do to this car? Considering Corksport cams for the speed 3 but do they fit in this 2.0L engine? If so would I need to upgrade anything else alongside it so it doesn't go Kablam? Need help with that question.

So far that's all I really know parts wise, I'm really sorry for these potential dumb ricer questions, kinda scared to post anything but googling these things gives me nothing :/

I forgot to say! I can't afford an MPS but I really enjoy the tuning/NA aspect of cars anyway. A friend of a friend has a K Swapped Mazda 3 but I don't know the guy to ask for help :(

Thanks for the potential help, if you even have links of places to get stuff from I'll really appreciate that too! Many thanks!
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