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2010 3GT w/HID -- lost both headlights while driving

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Been searching google looking for answers and thought I would register here and ask.

I have a 2010 3GT sedan with oem HID and AFS. Last night while driving, both headlights went out at the same time. No high or low beam. Fogs and blinkers still work. I checked what fuses I could find (driver side, under hood, passenger side) and were OK. A few weeks ago, the driver side went out briefly and came back -- so this would seem to be an indication something was going on.

Based upon searching, I have found similar threads that suggest bulbs, ballast and the PJB (although that might be pre-2010 only).

Looking for any advice on troubleshooting this problem. Thanks for your help.
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Thanks -- yes, there is some condensation I have noticed in the past. I ended up dropping off at the dealer to investigate. Should know more today.
Dealer is reporting both headlight assemblies need to be replaced after observing significant condensation inside. Awaiting further info and cost estimate.

Is there a TSB database for these cars somewhere?
So the dealer recommends replacing both complete headlight assemblies for a grand total of $2200, which is about a third of the value of the car. No thanks.

Based upon everything I have read, it is likely that the ballast is what failed and that replacing both ballast units should get me working headlights again. Of course, that does not solve the root cause of the leaking headlight units, but I'm hoping it gets me another 6 months of driving.
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