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Hi team,

My 2010 Mazda 3 has just developed the Power Steering light fault.

At first it was an intermittent fault, but has now developed into a permanent fault - which almost appears to be heat, or battery related.
After about 40 mins of constant driving, the PS would cut out and get heavy - light would illuminate. Depending how long the car had been running for, cycling the ignition would fix it for a short period of time.
It is now almost instant as soon as you turn the ignition on.

Notable points:
  • Fluid level shows well above Max, which it never has previously (ive read this was a symptom of the Gen1 fault?)
  • the Crimped connection at the rack end of the hydraulic line (runs futher to Drivers/Left hand side- LHD Car) shows visible weeping but no drips benetah car and fluid level has not changed (beyond actually rising)
Ive been recommended a few potential issues which i will be testing, but thought I'd consult the forums for a bit more help.
Suggested Fixes:
- Check Battery condition (Less than 12mos old - replaced after experiencing the TCM/Dash Christmas tree problem, which it fixed)
-Load test alternator
-Check the Ground near the pump, behind the headlight
-Check the wiring on the pump (apparently they are known to shake loose)

Any other recommended tests before i go ahead and purchase a replacement pump and lines?
Or is the issue in the rack itself 9unlikely, but have heard this has been a fix for 1 in 10)

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