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Hi! I recently purchased my 2nd 1st Generation Mazda 3 hatchback.

My first was totaled in an accident a few years back...a burgundy red 2006 Grand Touring. Loved it. :frown2:

Recently I saw a 2009 Mazda 3 Sport White Mica advertised at a Mazda dealership with one owner and...under 9,000 miles!! Early bird got the worm and it is mine for half the price of a new car! :smile2:

BUT... no leather seats and damn these cloth seats are uncomfortable!

I've seen race seats advertised. But I don't need race seats! I just need comfortable, supportive seats...like in my 2008 Toyota Matrix! LOL

Any suggestions? Can I go to a scrap yard and get seats that will fit in the Mazda? Or anything aftermarket that are actually comfortable for people not interested in racing?? :nerd:

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