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I've got a problem with my 2005 Mazda 3R 2.0L.

I've already been to 3 auto repair shops, including an official Mazda repair shop, and none have been able to fix my car's problem. Problems are listed below:
- Check engine light is on.
- Car lacks power, specially when I floor it, power seems to get cut off at less than 2000RPM at 1st gear, specially when the engine is still cold.
- Car doesn't accelerate as expected, lacking power most of the time; I have another Mazda 3 (exact same model) to compare with, and the difference is significant.
- Car sometimes drops in RPM when at full stop (when at road lights or in traffic), and the engine sometimes dies and I have to restart.

Things that have already been done to try and address the issue:
- Car scanner always points to the solenoid valves (one of them) for the check engine light.
- Solenoid valves have already been replaced twice; first time using after-market parts. After the scanner still pointed to defective solenoid valves, I bought original Mazda parts (that's what's installed now).
- Oil seal replaced (oil was leaking into the spark plugs).
- All spark plugs replaced.
- Oil change.
- Engine support change (irrelevant I suppose).

After all of these changes, the same symptoms still show. The only improvement is that the engine seems to run a little smoother, but still lacks power and acceleration, and the engine light is still on.

Please advise! Thanks in advance! :)

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What solenoids are you referring to?
"Engine support change"?:dunno: What is that exactly?

Has anyone actually physically checked for a problem other than checking for codes? I find it very hard to believe that a Mazda repair facility would just tell you "We can't figure it out" and send you on your way.
Check fuel pressure, check for a clogged catalytic converter for starters.
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