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Hi. So i have a really weird issue with my car. Its a 1.6 Mazda 3 sport dynamic. South African version. (not sure if its different to other countries)

The car will not start when its cold. I have to heat the computer box with a hairdryer or warm bean bag first then it starts. Needless to say this is very irritating cause you not always near a power source.
Never the less, i sent the ecu to a repair shop, diagnosis was that it does not read the PCM.

I want to just change the entire box, but now learned that the serial numbers must match.
The numbers on my pcb is - 279721-2240
On the outside what looks like a QR code sticker is - 273742

Im not able to find this exact one. The dealership charges about $1200 (converted from ZAR) which is more than half of the value of the car.

My question is, is there any other serial that can work with this car.
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