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16 inch Wheels’ tall Sidewalls

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I don’t get why Mazda3, intended to be among the sportiests cars in its segment, 60 series tires! Sure, they will soak up bumps better, but the 3 isn’t meant to be a cruiser.

Would it be okay to put 55 series tires on when I replace the stock ones? Anyone else done this? Do they look awkwardy small in the wheel well?
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Well I just got my 2014 M3 2 weeks ago, the tires still have plenty of life in them, tho I’m expecting them to wear out faster due being much more fun in back roads than the Kia Forte I had before. I don’t want to end up spending money on a new set of bigger rims, but I figured when I replace the tires, I’d put 55 series tires on it instead of 60’s, in hopes of handling that will be a bit tighter. I understand this may slightly affect the speedometer by 1 or 2 MPH, but other than that, will 55’s be doable on these rims?

I’ve never modified anything on a vehicle, nor even done an oil change, so yes I admit I’m largely clueless about many aspects about vehicle mechanics.
Thanks, my current ones are low rolling resistance tires, too. I may just try stickier tires instead of ones with a shorter sidewall. I’m afraid of having to large a gap between the tire and wheel well, will leave the car looking funny. Which may very well be why Mazda went with 60 series tires.

The Mazda is on a whole other level compared to my 2014 Kia Forte, though. The only thing the Forte was comfortable doing was driving in a straight line. And even, potholes and uneven pavement pushed the Forte around much more than my 3. I’ve never driven a BMW, but I think of the Mazda3 as a front wheel drive, Japanese BMW 3 series, from what I gather from reviews I’ve read on the BMW.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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