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16 inch Wheels’ tall Sidewalls

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I don’t get why Mazda3, intended to be among the sportiests cars in its segment, 60 series tires! Sure, they will soak up bumps better, but the 3 isn’t meant to be a cruiser.

Would it be okay to put 55 series tires on when I replace the stock ones? Anyone else done this? Do they look awkwardy small in the wheel well?
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55s would be OK, however the biggest downfall to the stock 16" tires is their economy bend, mine came with Bridgestone Ecopias that sapped a lot of fun out of the car. The stockers are meant to achieve that crazy 30 City/41 Hwy MPGs. Replaced them with Falken Ziex950 A/S and had a world of difference even at the same 60 sidewall ratio.
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