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1-CLEAN3's Mazda Build

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Recently joined the Mazda club at the beginning of the year when I purchased a Soul Red Metallic 2014 Mazda3 sGT Hatchback. Have always been into customizing a car to my specific taste and thought I would share my build with everyone else!

The day I first went the check the car out:

And when I brought her home:

Firsts things first was a new License plate, Ran me $130 for 3 years

I lurked on the forums for probably about a month gathering ideas for everything I wanted to do to the car before making any big purchases. One of the first upgrades I bought were aluminum pedals. I believe I paid about $40 off of amazon for them.

Upgrade the dim yellow interior lights with LED daylight bulbs. Bought from eBay for about $12, I was not going to buy the $35 packaging from corksports led bulbs LOL

Upgraded the black pillar plastics to gloss. 10pc set off of ebay from seller "carbon covers" $35. Also would like the shout them out for sending a 4 replacement pieces for free (I had to pay for shipping) because my dumb self installed some on the wrong sides.

Disregard the ugly rims while the stock 18's are in the shop being powdercoated.

Quick little upgrade I found while scrolling though amazon. $18

Finally got my wheels back from "Clutch City Coatings" in Houston. I ordered a custom color so the turnaround time was around 12 business days ($480). Purchased new shorty style valve stems ($12), black lug nuts ($20), Evil M valve caps ($14) and custom made center caps from "Flat Out Graphics" ($45). Everything was coated with CQuartz DLUX.

There was no way the taps on the back was going to hold up so I had to improvise

The finished product

Have also already purchased the aero kit front splitter, side skirts, K-Style front grill and MS-Style rear spoiler. Just waiting on the body shop to finish up.
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I like how these little, cheap (except for the powdercoating) things are making a pretty big difference overall. Def liking it so far! Could you provide links to the items tho?
Would love to but post count is below the required for links. Feel free to PM me and I can send you the links from there.
New Mods!!

Been pretty busy to upload any recent progress until now. Installed the BaysonR aero kit, spoiler and grille.

Aero kit is painted Brilliant Black
Grille, fog lights, and rear wiper is painted Jet Black Mica
Spoiler is painted Soul Red Metallic

Bought some custom spray paint from AutomotiveTouchUp to play around with. Evil M chrome front emblem sanded, primed, and painted SRM because I am very extra and wanted to try it out :grin2:

A lot more mods coming eventually just gotta slow down to let the wallet catch up :(
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