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09 Mazda 3 Hatch Sport 2.3L

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Hi all,
I just replaced my struts, shocks, both control arms and ball joints along with the front and rear sway bar links
I went to napa and got monroe quick kits and shocks they went in smooth except for nicking the wheel harness short cord
but at least that was an easy fix...lol
Anyway, so 2 weeks later the front end is clacking or popping or knocking like a muv???
It's my wife's everyday s I' m thinking it started right away but can't be sure...smh
I took it in to have them check the trailing arm and motor mounts but I'm thinking its a suspension
issue for sure, anybody have this issue after replacing these parts any insight is much appreciated
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Sounds like something isn't torqued up properly if you replaced all those components. I have heard of issues with quick struts (strut and spring combo so no spring compressor needed) occasionally. I'd double check all torque settings and look for issues. You did torque control arms, etc. with the suspension loaded that is weight of car on it or jack up arm till weight of car is on it. Otherwise, you can quickly ruin bushings.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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