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08 mazda 3 blown engine..please help on engine compatibility

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Hi all, i have a 2008 mazda 3 hatchback that I bought off my brother after he ran the engine dry of oil. it has the 2.3 engine and I was looking into optional swaps I could throw in there. I'm not trying to blow my doors off or anything just need a simple A to B car for to-from work and the occasional roadie to visit family a few hundred km away until I decide to sell it and buy a truck or one of my favourite Mazdas..the mx6. I looked a lot into the ford fusion engine swap and it definitely seems like a doable option but my friend just messaged me saying he has a written off 2005 Mazda 3 with a 2.3 engine inside. now since he's asking a very fair price and willing to 'lend' me the donor vehicle to pull whatever I need from it as well as some parts for him, I was wondering if this engine would be compatible with my 08? i read up on a page a long time ago saying the main things I need to check for compatibility are that the dipstick is in the center of the engine through the valve cover, and that the ignition coils were the same shape. I checked it over and saw the coils on the donor Mazda were circular and mine are square... I guess the big question is will it fit without having to change everything over or would it be easier to go with a fusion 2.5 engine?
I plan on performing the swap myself in my shop and writing everything I did down and possibly making a video on how to do all this so maybe someone else who has this issue will have a solid resource to reference.
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05 isn't plug and play for the 06-09 mazda 3. I am also in the same situation with a customer and I have decided to go with the 2.5 swap. The issues I am having are finding definitive information regarding parts compatibility as well as required hardware/modifications required to actually do the swap.
Theres definitely a lot of gray water in the compatibilities of the swap.. the more I read about swaps though the more I find the 2.5 fusion motor to be the way to go. cant go wrong with more engine oil flow and a little more power
I'd def go with the larger 2.5L Fusion (SAME year) engine swap. If the coils look different then it is different and less compatible
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