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First, thats about enough crap......no more.....


According to Motor Trend, the US spec 6AT FWD car will do 0-60 in 7.0 vs 7.4 for a 6MT car.

I don't know where you got this from. The 6MT is available but only in the top trim level of the hatchback.
I've driven both 6MT cars and 6AT cars, the MT cars are much better.
If you can't shift a manual transmission in a manner that allows you to keep up with traffic, perhaps you should not be driving a car that has one......

The SA-X has been around a while, its certainly not new, and in fact this forum has an SA-X specific subsection in the 2019+ subforum. There is already a 2.0L motor and a 2.5L motor here in the US. The SA-X motor is out performed by the 2.5L motor for about the same price, as a result the 2.0L SA-X isn't coming here any time soon if at all.
The thing is the 2.5L motor (non turbo) does not outperform the 2.0L 186ps e skyactiv x with both around 8 seconds to 62mph (100kmph) but the e sax engine is much more economical and here in Europe with gas (petrol) the equivalent of $9 a gallon that's important.
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