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  1. FS: XBox 360 Bundle

    Buy / Sell / Trade
    Xbox 360 with 20GB HDD Original paperwork 2 wireless controllers 2 rechargeable battery packs with 1 charging cable Media remote Wireless network adapter Wired headset Halo 3 wireless headset with charging cable QWERTY keypad (attaches to controller) Nyko Intercooler fan 64MB Xbox-specific...
  2. Borderlands 2 xbox

    Off Topic Lounge
    who's gettig it? and gonna play online?
  3. Forza 4 club on Xbox

    Off Topic Lounge
    So I bought Forza 4 on this day 1 of it's release! It is a fun improvement to Forza 3. I created a club if anybody here would like to join. It's called: Mazdaspeed Search for it with the tag: MS3 Easy way to share cars, participate in racing events, and compare racing stats! Who's Mazda is...
  4. xbox and forum question

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    So I have been trying to get my gamertag to show up on the forums leaderboards, but I've been striking out. I entered it into my USER CP and it shows up on my profile but I can't seem to get it on the leaderboards! :argh 1: I know its no big deal but it would be cool to connect with some of you...
  5. XboX Live

    Community Help
    Is anyone else having trouble displaying their gamertags? It worked for me for about 2 days or so and then stopped. I didn't edit it or anything and I havn't changed my gamertag.. Please help?
  6. Xbox LiVe

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    Hey, if anyone has xbox live hit me up. Zarkaaus on xbox
  7. xbox live? anyone tryin too play cod?

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    anyone tryin too play cod and talk about mazdas =p hit me up gamertag Ask Y0 M0MMA
  8. NEW: Add Your Xbox Live Gamertag To Your Profile

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    Want to see how you match up against other forum members? Add your Xbox Live gamertag to your profile by going to Edit Your Details and entering it into the bottom profile field. Click Save and you are all set! See how our other members rank up by clicking here!
  9. Creating Avatars, Signatures, Xbox Live Gamertag, Photo Galleries & Social Groups

    New Member Introduction & Forum News/Guide
    Avatars Uploading an avatar is as simple as clicking on User CP in the nav bar above. Go to "Edit Avatar" and upload or link to your avatar. Maximum avatar dimensions are 150x150. Signatures I understand a handful of members have had issues with adding a signature image. In order to add an...
  10. Halo 4? & Xbox 720?

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    http://blog.mlive.com/xbutton/2008/08/halo_4_rumoured_as_xbox_720_la.html so there might be a halo 4 and a new xbox console werd :ohsnap 1:
  11. Xbox 360 Chat Thread

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    Who on this forums has a 360 and is down to play some live with some other members? My gamertag is "boost meee" and as of now I am currently playing Forza Motorsports 2, Halo 3, and Rock Band. Willing to play whenever I'm on live. Post your gamertags and I will add it to the list. 1. Joel-...