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  1. New Member Introduction & Forum News/Guide
    Hi all, New here and new to Mazda. Bought myself an immaculate Mazda 3 BL 2 sp25 manual. Bought it as a cheap daily and I could not be happier. Bought it off a friend who bought it new and ticked every single option available. Fantastic little car and well built. I'll have a few tech...
  2. New Member Introduction & Forum News/Guide
    Greetings, Came across this forum whilst researching Android Auto and from the limited browsing I've done so far this forum has a lot of information that I've found to be very insightful. Picked up my SP25 GT 'US equivalent S GT?', about three weeks ago, and am very happy with it, got a great...
  3. New Member Introduction & Forum News/Guide
    Hello folks, from western PA. I can get long winded on forums, so sorry about this in advanced. I'm coming from a Jetta 1.8t and replacing my beloved turbo wasn't in the budget. Wanting a hatchback for the ease of putting the bicycle in the back, I was looking for a manual in a hatch which...
  4. North Central
    Anybody out there. I see mz3s and ms3s evdry where.....looking to start a local group...shoot me a message:smile2:
  5. Northeast
    Anyone from Rochester/ Buffalo area here on the forums?
  6. New Member Introduction & Forum News/Guide
    Hey any one reading! I have a 2012 Mazda 3 SKYACTIV with a 6 speed manual. I absolutely love the thing. I also have a love for modified cars... So, well. Here's my 3 as it sits, even though it's just getting started. : )
  7. New Member Introduction & Forum News/Guide
    hello everyone. been driving mazda 3s for a couple of years and love them. I have 3 of them now. 2012 sedan 2014 i touring hatch 2014 s touring sedan
  8. New Member Introduction & Forum News/Guide
    Just pick the car up a few days ago still has dealer plates!
1-8 of 8 Results