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    Hey all! Thought I'd say hi. Last week I picked up a 2014 sGT with the tech package in black. I decided to go all out since it is a big upgrade from my '01 Dodge Stratus coupe. I'm glad I found a good community for Mazda3 owners, as I will probably want to make some modifications in the future...
  3. 2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Discussion
    So I currently drive a 13 Elantra Limited w/tech and I'm really interested in the new Mazda. I like my Elantra but the new mazda is just amazing looking and they drive real nice(I've driven several). I've been looking at the i Grand Touring but I can't find a deal that puts me in my price...
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    So I checked with the bank and I'm out of the negative equity which is good, they're giving me $16k for my Skyativ currently so that's roughly what I owe left over. I'm trading it for a brand new 2012 MS3 with the tech package. Is that a fair deal? Supposibly that's the deal they are giving...