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  1. Car Maintenance/Car Care
    Hey everybody, just got a Mazda 3 for the first time after almost two decades in Hondas. Loving it so far but I seem to be at a loss for something incredibly simple - how do I see the current oil life %? I can't find it within in the left or right speedometer dash displays when I toggle...
  2. 2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv How-To Guides
    Hey I haven't seen a guide for this (idk if theres one buried here somewhere), but I did see someone else do it so I decided to give it a go as well: I got the idea form PrecisionLED's video, but theirs was for retrofitting HIDs:
  3. 2010-2013 Mazda 3 & Skyactiv Appearance & Interior
    I have a sedan with out the armrest in the back seat and wanted to switch it out and put in one with a armrest. Is it possible to do that if I find one? And does it matter if it's a hatch or sedan rear seat?
  4. 2010-2013 Mazda 3 & Skyactiv Audio & Electronics
    Hi, can anyone help me find the complete function list of all 16 pins of the 16-pin port in the back of the audio w/o Bose unit? Tried to search a lot but couldn't find a complete full list. All I found is the thread "OE handsfree microphone" and some functions shown in the table in the sticky...
  5. Mazda 3 Parts - Buy / Sell
    The item for sale is the light control switch stalk off of 2012 Mazda 3, which is without the fog lights control. The item is in like-new condition and is fully functional. The price is $20, firm. Cash only, no exceptions. Sold as is.
  6. 2010-2013 Mazda 3 & Skyactiv Suspension & Handling
    Got a dumb question and figured you all might judge me less than the coilover company would.. Thinking about going against the forum favorite here and getting ST Suspensions coilovers. I cant find anywhere where it mentions how they mount up. No pillowball mounts or camber plates and so on idk...
  7. Buy / Sell / Trade
    My stock 2012 MZ3 Skyactiv has all black trim pieces and I would like to trade out or buy the silver. From the shift plate to the AC knobs (non-auto-A/C) I don't know if other years will fit or not, but if you know for certain let me know. Parts in box #13 plus the A/C controls, but I...
  8. 2010-13 Mazdaspeed 3 Engine and Performance
    Does anyone have sound/vid file of a 2010 MS3 with the corksport cat-back that has the stock mid-pipe. I can't find anything onlline. :argh 1:
1-8 of 9 Results