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  1. 2016 Mazda 3 Infotainment system as stand alone unit.

    2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Audio & Electronics
    Hello Group. I recently drove a 2016 Mazda 3 with full Navi system. I loved the interface with the command control. My question is: Could a complete system be removed from a Mazda and used in a custom car(non Mazda) show car. Features needed: Navi phone Blue tooth audio controls rear camera...
  2. Aftermarket Head Unit Recos

    2004-2009 Mazda3 Audio & Electronics
    So my 2005 Mazda 3 is still running strong and still on the factory radio. I have way too many doohickeys now crowding my windshield that I think there should be a head unit out there where I can consolidate everything. I'm surprised I haven't been pulled over by a cop citing me for...
  3. Stuck on boot. Did I brick my unit?

    2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Audio & Electronics
    I don't have the info with me at the moment, but I seem to remember my FW version is 55.00.650. I loaded some tweaks and all went well. After a couple of days I realized I really didn't like several of them (but loved some of the others) and I didn't like that it slowed things down a bit. So...
  4. Indicator unit recall

    2019+ Mazda 3 Recalls / TSB / SSB
    Got a recall on the indicator unit. Went back to dealer today and it's just 10min work.
  5. 2012-2013 OEM Mazda 3 Display Unit | BGV6-61-1J0E

    Mazda Swag
    Manufacturer: Mazda Other Names: Display System, Display Information Part Number: BGV6-61-1J0E Notes: Included With Display Unit.. Description: Mazda3, mazdaspeed3. To 7/23/12. With navigation. With multi info, with monochrome. THIS PART FITS Mazda 3 2013 Mazdaspeed, S, i 2.0L L4 - Gas, 2.3L...
  6. What's the part number of this control unit?

    2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Appearance & Interior
    Hello everybody, accidentally the small control unit (picture #3 ) was damaged. It was pushed down by force, the whole part fell in and these little plastic clips were torn off. Can someone give me the part number to order? Or the right name (the german description would be fantastic), so I can...
  7. Aftermarket Head unit

    2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Audio & Electronics
    Does anyone bought one of these head units? I think they are the same. They seems can be replaced on higher trim models. Can they access the car's factory features settings like Bose audio, HUD, headlight, auto wiper, ... I see a lot of aftermarket HUs what can handle these factory settings in...
  8. AA stops working after head unit update

    2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Audio & Electronics
    Hi all, greetings from Quebec, CMU version 55.00.760 NA. Installed AA 6 months ago (v. 1.8 or 1.9, not sure), was working fine (not stable), so I updated to v. 1.10+ 2 days ago using AIO 2.83. Now the haed unit just won't connect to AA. I cleared all app data on phone (Galaxy S6), but it...
  9. My aftermarket unit does not support trip computer?

    2004-2009 Mazda3 Audio & Electronics
    Hello! I had my Mazda 3 2007 (1.6 diesel) model for 6 months now and I recently tried to enable the trip computer as the car didn't had it available when I got it. My problem is that the aftermarket navigation unit it has (QL-MZD501) is missing the buttons required to activate the trip...
  10. Design Idea for Mazda Entertainment Unit

    2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Audio & Electronics
    I'm sure that Mazda executives hang on every word here...not. But for the next iteration of the entertainment unit on Mazda cars, how about putting a universal dock for a phone behind and indeed part of the display screen? Mazda currently lack anywhere to put a phone and placing it there...
  11. Urgent question - bolt for head unit

    2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Audio & Electronics
    I have the CarPlay and cables and hub and put it all back. My issue is the bolt that holds the head unit in. I dropped the bolt that holds the head unit in, the one that’s about 10” or so inside the dash. Anyone know the size, thread, etc so I can try and get another one at Home Depot or...
  12. Lighting issues after aftermarket head unit installation

    2004-2009 Mazda3 Audio & Electronics
    I recently purchased and installed a Regetek 7" Touchscreen head unit in my 2004 Mazda 3 GT sedan. I used the Metra 70-7903 wiring harness (sorry, I can't post links yet, but both products are on Amazon, bear with me please). The head unit itself works fine, however after the installation, I...
  13. New aux unit (carplay)

    2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Audio & Electronics
    Hello, Any one installed the new aux unit for carplay and will it work on older firmware? I know whitout carplay. Because install manual says first install firmware 70.00.000 and than install the unit.
  14. Issues removing infotaiment unit from 2012 Mazda axela

    2010-2013 Mazda 3 & Skyactiv Audio & Electronics
    I've decided to install a reverse camera on my 2012 Mazda axela as my gf is short and has issues seeing stuff like curbs and such. Now i want to connect the cords to the infortaiment system but of all the YouTube videos seen due to my unit having a strange screw I'm not able to remove it can...
  15. Dead Infotainment Unit

    Electronics / Stereo Equipment
    I took my 2014 Mazda 3 to the dealership today and it was determined the CMU was dead and needed to be replaced. It is not the screen, it worked fine. It will cost about $1,000 to have it done at the dealership. Is it possible to do this on my own? If so, how difficult is it? Is there someplace...
  16. Possible to swap US head unit with a Canadian one?

    2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Audio & Electronics
    Hey everyone! I have recently purchased a 2014 MS3 iSV and noticed that it didn't come with factory Bluetooth functionality. My question: Is it possible to swap out my US simple head unit (non-infotainment) with one from Canada to gain Bluetooth functionality that comes stock with those? I do...
  17. Change head unit

    2004-2009 Mazda3 Audio & Electronics
    Hello guys! I would like to change my factory unit and install an android auto double DIN. Sony XA-AV 1000 might be my choice. I have read that some people had trouble with the car's screen after changing the unit. Do you have any advice about how to do the wiring in order to have it working...
  18. Upgraded my stock head unit to a Kenwood ddx9704s with the Maestro RR

    2010-2013 Mazda 3 & Skyactiv Audio & Electronics
    Overall the process wasn't too bad. This was my first time installing a car stereo but from what I've seen pioneers/alpines should be similar. I tried adding links to the guides that helped me but I'm under the post limit. Parts you need Double din radio Metra 70-7903 Harness iDatalink RR...
  19. Mazda 3 Head Unit Shows Hidden Files

    2010-2013 Mazda 3 & Skyactiv Audio & Electronics
    Hi Guys, I copied some songs into usb, but no when i plug usb into mazda it shows some garbage files which are not songs. And it seems that it has made my head unit bit slow. How do i get rid of hidden files ( i believe) that? I dont want to format my usb as i have copied around 2000 songs. I...
  20. Which android head unit for a 2003 Mazda3?

    2004-2009 Mazda3 Audio & Electronics
    Hi! I have got a 2003 Mazda3 with automatic climate control. (but I think it's irrelevant in this question) I would like to change the factory CD head unit to an Android one. Main criterias for myself: - ability to run Spotify - trusty GPS hardvare (I think then I could use any kind of...