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  1. 2010-13 Mazdaspeed 3 Engine and Performance
    Hi guys, Trying to find somebody that can give their impression on both valves. Corksport BPV caught my attention but also the turbosmart plumb BPV. If anybody has used them, would be kind in sharing there experiences. I like to know reviews before doing purchase, because I can't afford to...
  2. Buy / Sell / Trade
    up for sale is a used but excellent condition Dual Port bov from Turbosmart. went back to stock and have no need for this right now. asking $220 shipped conus or $200 picked up. (norcal bayarea) includes : - blow off valve - gasket - plug - box please pm me if you have any question(s)...
  3. 2010-13 Mazdaspeed 3 Engine and Performance
    HEY YOU GUYS , I installed my street unit edition turbosmart bpv , it makes a metal clap sound when you give it a little rev while idling ? more noticible with stock air box on . so I took the turbosmart off and pushed up on the valve and let it go that cling sound thats exactly the same...
  4. Mazdaspeed 3 Parts - Buy / Sell
    Hello; I am currently in possession of a Turbosmart Duel Port BOV. The item's condition is untouched and just sitting in the box since it was shipped from Streetunit. It was to be part of my next upgrade pack but I have recently decided to switch to the Cobb BPV. That is why I am interested...
  5. 2010-2013 Mazda 3 Engine and Performance
    I order this BVP valve,to replace "El cheapo plastic valve:Racing 1 has good reviews : http://www.streetunit.com/Turbosmart_Bypass_p/ts-0997-1009.htm
  6. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Turbosmart (StreetUnit Edition) Dual Port BPV/BOV with BOV cone and Lube Oil ITEM SOLD shipped to the lower 48 OBO, other areas shipping extra PM all queries Z
  7. New Member Introduction & Forum News/Guide
    Thinkin about gettin a ts dp bov does anyone own one? would this b the best choice?
  8. 2010-13 Mazdaspeed 3 Engine and Performance
    Hey everyone, Just finished installing the turbosmart dual port BOV on my 2010 Mazdaspeed3. The install was incredibly easy. I don't have a huge experience with mods or working on cars and I did the install easily in around a half hour. Did not mess with the settings it shipped with and it is...
  9. 2010-13 Mazdaspeed 3 Engine and Performance
    Just bought the turbosmart dual port BOV from street unit. Was wondering what everyone else's experience was with it and how your install went. From what I read it was pretty straight forward. It's going to sound sick with my corksport SRI/TIP :yes:
  10. Buy / Sell / Trade
    If anyone has one for sale im interested in picking one up for my 2010 ms3. I live in eastern pennsylvania if anyone somewhat local would want to do a local pick up type of thing.
  11. 2010-13 Mazdaspeed 3 Engine and Performance
    Which does anyone recommend, which sounds better and has better performance?
  12. 2010-13 Mazdaspeed 3 Engine and Performance
    Ok guys, I've been researching for a long time and decided to fall in the ricer mode.....I know that a BPV is better but i wanted the "whoosh" sound. For ppl that wants to get the VTA system i just want to share something. Right now, i m running a 50/50 and my boost control use to show me at...
  13. 2010-13 Mazdaspeed 3 Engine and Performance
    just got the ts dual port =] dont know how i shud run it? in 50/50 will i lose power? or do i recuri it? the way it comes in the box is that 50/50? from streetunit? if not how do i know if its on 50/50 or recrui? please help =]
  14. 2010-13 Mazdaspeed 3 Engine and Performance
    so i ordered the corksport inlet and intake and also the turbosmart dual port.. the dual port got here first.. i was woudering if i could put the dual port bov without a problem with teh stock air box for now? any problems u guys think? thanks!
  15. 2010-13 Mazdaspeed 3 Engine and Performance
    Dual Port vs. 100% Recirc I've been researching the Turbosmart Dual Port, and was wondering: if you ran it, let's say 3/4 recirc, what effect/damage would that have on the turbo/engine (if any) rather than a BPV that was strictly 100% recirc? What advantages/disadvantages would come of...
  16. 2010-13 Mazdaspeed 3 Engine and Performance
    Once again, I thought I would share with this forum instead of just my usual one =) Okay, before anyone says anything, I 100% understand this has very little to do with performance on a car with only a CAI, so I did it completely because I like the sound and felt like modifying something other...
  17. 2007-2009 Mazdaspeed 3 Performance & Mods
    Installed my Turbosmart hybrid BOV last night. Love the sound and it is one solid piece. Holds boost much better than the stock plastic BPV. I'm running full recirc with zero driveability issues. Highly recommended if you have a Speed3. Some pics...
1-17 of 17 Results