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    New Yorker recently relocated to Tulsa, OK: Stock 2013 gray mazda3 sport Looking to do some mods but I am quite the noob and am currently lacking the monies. In the meantime, I've ordered the corksport LED set and will be getting some tints on it asap. Also.... If someone could link me to...
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    Hello! I've been an RX8 owner since 2008, and just added a 2014 Mazda 3. I'm not going to modify it too much. I did have the windows tinted, and the only other thing I'd like to do is add a small subwoofer. Anyway, just thought I'd pop in and say, "Hello!"
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    Howdy...I finally made it into the light...you see, I've been reading and watching, but not as a member. I now have a 2011 Mazda 3 sport, liquid silver with the roof and sound option. I have a Madza 5, 2008 sport with 34k miles on it so far, that made me a Madza believer. I have not made...