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  1. Tapatalk

    Off Topic Lounge
    Question for those who use Tapatalk to access this forum: what happened with Tapatalk? Seems as though this particular forum got dropped overnight. As I use my phone for most of this, it's much easier with TT. Any insight would be appreciated. Grazie
  2. Tapatalk plugin not loaded

    Community Help
    Been having this issue with accessing this forum using tapatalk in the last few days. Happens both in iOS and Android, it says tapatalk plugin is not avtivated in this forum. Reintalling the app does nothing and doesn't look like my device issue since it behaves the same way in both OS. Is it...
  3. Tapatalk

    Community Help
    When I visit this forum from a tablet, I sometimes get a popup window that suggests that I access it using Tapatalk. But when I tap the button that takes me there in the Tapatalk app, it tells me that this forum doesn't exist in Tapatalk! What's up with that?
  4. Tapatalk

    Community Help
    This forum doesn't seem to be accessible on my phone/tablet via Tapatalk. Is it supported by any similar apps? If not, it sure would be more convenient for me, especially when following a particular thread, etc.
  5. Tapatalk help. ?!?!?!?!

    Community Help
    While I was on vacation this weekend, I couldn't stay away from the forum so I typed it in on my Blackberry. Some message poped up saying there was an app available from the App World. It was Tapatalk, for 2.99. For some reason I cant find this forum up there at all, so any help would be...
  6. TapATalk - Forum app for iphone

    Community Help
    Can you guys enable tapatalk? I think this would make it easier to browse on the go especially with pm's and such. Thanks in advance for your consideration!!!