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  1. MK3 1500HP Supra

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    Excessive turbo noise
  2. First time Mazda owner, former Supra owner in Colorado!

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    Heyyo! 2016 Mazda S-Touring here. Purchased from dealership as a used vehicle with 2800 miles on it but it was only used as a loaner car for customers who had their vehicle being serviced, so I am technically the first owner and, therefore; the warranty started when I purchased it a couple...
  3. New Toyota Supra

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    The New Toyota 'Supra' Has Been Revealed: Prepare To Lose Your Mind - Car Throttle So what are the chances that the actual Toyota Supra looks anything more than 30% Like this? What do you think? Who would take this over their Mazdaspeed 3, or over the Next Gen Mazda Miata or RX-7?
  4. New '13 3 owner

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    Hey everyone. Thought I'd introduce myself....I'm Blayde! Coming from an import history (first owned a 2000 civic, then imported a 1994 Toyota Supra TT), I love woking on my car. So when I bought a brand new car, it wasn't long before I was already planning all my mods. This forum has been a...