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  1. 2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Wheels and Tires
    I have the 16in steelies with hub caps on my 2014 i sport. I am going to repaint the steelies since they have rust and are faided. The lug nuts that are on there are ugly and I would like to know which aftermarket lug nuts would work on steelies? Acorn, conical or other? I don't have the...
  2. 2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Wheels and Tires
    I bought a 2018 with steel wheels and have sourced some used 2014 alloys. I called the dealer and they wanted $16 per lugnut lol. The fellow said that I could use the same lugnuts but appearance wise it would not be great. Does anyone know what lugnuts I need for 16 inch alloy rims? Do I...
  3. Mazda 3 Parts - Buy / Sell
    Hey everyone! I bought a set of steelies from someone a while back for snow tire mounting, but later got a job as a teacher. What that means is whenever it snows, I don't have to drive. These things are just taking up space in my shop. $200 o.b.o Got the TPMS and stock hubcaps for each...
  4. Mazda 3 Parts - Buy / Sell
    I'd like to grab a set before winter comes. Any one in the DC/NOVA/MD area have a set they're willing to sell? Many thanks!
  5. 2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Wheels and Tires
    Dipped OEM Steelies soon going on my 3 for this coming Fall/winter Season :tt1::
  6. 2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Wheels and Tires
    Hi, there. Just bought a 2014 M3 i-sport hb and would like to swap out the clunky OEM 16" steel wheels with something else. Mostly hoping to improve on (in order of priority): -weight (and thus better mileage and more power) -aesthetics After reading a lot on the forum, seems like a lot of...
  7. 2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Wheels and Tires
    I have a 14 liquid silver mazda 3 and really like the white steelie wheel look. Is there any way somebody can photoshop some white steelies on a 14 m3 and drop the suspension a little? I'd appreciate it a bunch, i have wheel covers on my car and am thinking of putting corksport springs along...
  8. 2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Wheels and Tires
    I have a 2014 Sport GT and just got some 16" steelies for winter with snow tires. Should I get a different set of lug nuts for the steel wheels?
  9. 2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Wheels and Tires
    NOTE before reading, I've made assumptions and my measurements aren't exact. Also, I did this out of curiosity. I may have a lot of incorrect information and overall this may be worthless, but none the less I wanted to see if the information would help me in deciding what wheels to get. I kind...
  10. 2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Wheels and Tires
    Does anyone know if the 16x6.5 steelies fit the S., the S has a bigger front rotor and i was wondering if the 16's has the clearance.
  11. Mazda 3 Parts - Buy / Sell
    Hey guys. Just looking to get my hands on a set of steelies so I can mount some snow tires. Based on what I've read, the '13 model needs a 16 inch wheel. I'm driving an itouring hatchback. Let me know what you've got via PM. I'm in MD if any locals have a set on the el-cheapo...
  12. Buy / Sell / Trade
    MS3 wheels + tires Copy+pasta-ed from M247. Let me know if this all meets code, mods. I can edit as necessary. I have two sets of wheels and tires for sale in Indianapolis, IN. 1) 18" 2010-2013 Mazdaspeed3 OEM wheels + 225/40/18 Continental ExtremeContact DWS tires I had these up for sale...
  13. 2010-2013 Mazda 3 & Skyactiv Wheels and Tires
    Hi, I have a 2010 on Steelies. I got some 17" Alloys from a 2012. I took them to get replaced and they said that the lugs don't fit. Mazda says they have different style lug nuts. Any help here? I have the stock lugs that came with the car. And on Mazda's website, there is only one size. Can...
  14. 2010-2013 Mazda 3 & Skyactiv Wheels and Tires
    Thought I'd share my experience of having 16 inch "Mazda" branded steelies not fitting my 2010 MS3. I got 'em used in mint cond from an old gent who had a regular Mazda 3. I had read at least three threads (and saw pics too) that said 16's would "just "clear the front MS3 calipers. Well, they...
  15. Mazda 3 Parts - Buy / Sell
    Looking for stock 16" steel wheels (found in iSV and iSport models), wheels must be in good shape, tires I don't care about. Decided to throw my winter wheels on separate wheels this winter. Looking for local pickup in New England, shipping would be expensive. PM me if you got some!
1-15 of 16 Results