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snow tires

  1. Mazda 3 2014, S Touring BLIZZAK LM-32 or $ is worth on BLIZZAK LM-32?

    2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Wheels and Tires
    Hi all I'm looking to buy new tires that cover all seasons or maybe snow tires. I live in MA and seems like this year we'll probably get a ton of snow. I currently have two rear Nexen CP672 215/45R18 (symmetrical) that according to reviews, they are terrible for snow lol (that's what happens...
  2. Sick snow tires: Blizzak 205/60/16 & wheels 5 lug 4.5in - $250 (Denver/Boulder)

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    Tires: Blizzak - 205/60/R16 Tread: 5/32 of tread Wheels: 5 lug 4.5 inch or 114.3mm High Positive Offset Price: $200 Great tire for snow or rain! No damage, no uneven wear. Was on my sold 2010 Mazda 3. Tire pressure monitor included on each wheel. Call or Txt for a Denver area pick up...
  3. Winter Tire Size - Any Issues with 215/60R16?

    2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Wheels and Tires
    Looking to use a set of winter tires from my last car on my 2016 Mazda3 i Touring Hatch. Current tires are 205/60R16, the set of winters I have are 215/60R16. Looks like the the diameter is 0.5" higher on snows, and width is 0.4"greater. Has anyone put a similar tire size on here, and had...
  4. Snowtires 205 55 16 on rims ready for Winter GR Michigan

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    Snow tires 205 55 16 Snow tires on rims ready for Winter - $500 obo Winter tires mounted on rims for a Mazda 3. 16" General Artic Altimax, 205/55/16, they were only used part of last winter on my new car. They have about 3000 miles and they look like new. Mounted on steel wheels ready to go...