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  1. Pacific West
    It's that time again. We're having a combo meet with the SD gang. Everyone's invited! September 3 @ 8PM 26538 Moulton Parkway. Laguna Hills, CA 92653 @My spoon is too big @Sublime27 @razerer @lzrdrazor @ledi11_ms3 @sin_loki @13MZSpeed3 @colorcopies @mauri @cranberry646...
  2. Canada
    Thought y'all would like to know what's coming up in Ontario: On September 23, 2012 TorontoMazda3 is gathering as many Mazda3 and Mazdaspeed3 owners as possible for an epic photoshoot on the runway of Oshawa Municipal Airport (just outside of Toronto). The fundraising event is titled Heart for...
  3. South Atlantic
    NOPI NATIONALS is returning Sept 22-23, 2012. We hope this is welcome news and that you and/or your club will make plans to attend. It’s at a new venue: Atlanta Dragway. It’s a world class Drag Racing facility that’s just as large as the former venue. It’s location is about 60 miles north of...
  4. Pacific West
    So its about that time again to get another one of these going - same as last time cept this one may go a lil longer meet at 9am at the park n ride / nessy burger off the 15N/S and the 76 roll out at 930 am to the top of the mountian and then down the back side - to the out look spot...
  5. South Central
    If you're planning on going let John know here: Fall STL Meet Sept. 24, 2011 or here: https://www.facebook.com/STLMazda
  6. Northeast
    Hey Folks: Just putting this out there to see what interest it drums up. I have done a covered bridge run with my Miata Club (my wife and I put the run together) and was wondering if folks would like to do this as an event? This would be a full day trip. Starting at 9am and going to approx...
1-6 of 12 Results