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roof racks

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    Hi everyone, As you know, we run MazdaSwag.com — an authorized online distributor for Genuine Mazda OEM Parts and Accessories. What you probably didn't know is, we were incorporated in 2010 and our organization is in the top 2% of customer retention in the United States. Bottom line: Our...
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    Rhino Rack Euro 2500 roof rack plus bike carrier. Will fit 2014-2016 Mazda 3 hatchbacks. Purchased the item a few months ago and put it together to fit the car, but now have more bikes to carry and am opting for a rear bike carrier. The rack comes with all of the keys and spare parts and has the...
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    Roof Racks/2015 Mazda 3 Fixed Points Sooo... I just traded in my 13 mz3 for a 14 Mz3iGT. I had previously invested a lot of money in the floor mats and roof racks, floor mats are now taking up space in storage and I cant do anything about that. But on the old Mz3 I had Thule 460 podiums, which...