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  1. Rita's Combo Mazda Meet. Sept. 3 @8pm.

    Pacific West
    It's that time again. We're having a combo meet with the SD gang. Everyone's invited! September 3 @ 8PM 26538 Moulton Parkway. Laguna Hills, CA 92653 @My spoon is too big @Sublime27 @razerer @lzrdrazor @ledi11_ms3 @sin_loki @13MZSpeed3 @colorcopies @mauri @cranberry646...
  2. Rita's Combo Mazda Meet, Thursday, February 5th.

    Pacific West
    MOD EDIT: 01/14/15 We're having another combo meet Thursday, February 5th. Same place and details as before. Photo by @My spoon is too big This is gonna be a combo meet between the Redondo beach Ritas meet and the San Diego Ritas meet. I wanted to join the meet so we can finally meet some...
  3. Rita's Italian Ice Meet, Vista Ca

    Pacific West
    Hey everyone, There is a new Rita's Italian Ice that just opened down here in North County San Diego area. It would neat to get a meet going again, since there's no Mazda specific meets out here. I know there's already a Rita's meet up in Redondo Beach. But I figured for those who can't drive...
  4. Rita's Italian Ice Meet, Redondo Beach.

    Pacific West
    Hey Guys, Knowing that most of you aren't from Philly (where I was born and raised), I would like to invite you guys to attend our ***MONTHLY*** Rita Italian Ice meet, located here: Rita's 403 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 101 Redondo Beach, California 90277 This meet has been officially...