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  1. 2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Appearance & Interior
    Hi, has anyone found a GT Badge that somewhat matches the Mazda badges for the trunk? I have found some (have the SGT) but most are too big, or do not match the font at all. The other piece of my question is the push to start button ring. It really bothers me that Mazda decided to cheap out...
  2. 2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Appearance & Interior
    Has anyone purchase or installed a tow hook sport ring for 2014 and up Mazda 3? If so could you tell me where and post the pictures, thanks Sent from my SM-T330NU using Tapatalk
  3. 2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Appearance & Interior
    I bought the spyder fog lamps but don't like the chrome ring on the cover. Does anyone know the part numbers for the OEM fog lamp covers that doesn't have the chrome ring. It's all on the 2015s 3 but I'm not sure if it's an option in 2014s cause I mostly see them with that chrome ring. I've...
  4. 2010-2013 Mazda 3 & Skyactiv Discussion
    Greetings, I was wondering if the Mazda 3 forum could help me out of a pickle. My wife's wedding ring fell into the long front defroster vent of our 2012 mazda 3. When it fell in, we could hear it roll back and forth when we made turns, though, due to it being dark out and the angle of the...
  5. 2010-2013 Mazda 3 & Skyactiv Wheels and Tires
    So i bought a set of XXR 527 rims and the shop that put them on said i need hub centric rings for my rims . I cant find any info on what size. if anyone knows what size i would appreciate it.
  6. Mazda 3 Parts - Buy / Sell
    I have up for sale a few items. I'm located in Southwest Florida. I can get you shipping quotes if you are serious about buying. Thanks for looking! First off Road Magnet 1.25" springs SOLD! Corksport Eyelids SOLD! Raptor 1 Farad Capacitor with a digital gauge, 5 foot 4 gauge wire...
  7. 2010-2013 Mazda 3 Engine and Performance
    I noticed the metal support ring around my Simota was broken yesterday when I opened my hood to check on something. Anyone got an extra one laying around or know where I can get another? Or is there another way to secure the intake to anything in the engine bay?
  8. 2010-2013 Mazda 3 & Skyactiv Discussion
    Hi there- Question on regarding voice / ring - So while I'm playing my stereo - and maybe I have it turned up a bit - whenever my cellphone rings - the sound scares the crap out of me - is there any way to turn down or do something about the piercing ring? Thanks
  9. 2010-2013 Mazda 3 & Skyactiv Discussion
    Hi all, My girlfriend placed her ring in the cupholder compartment between the seats and the ring slid back and fell through the gap/hole that's located in the back of that cupholder setup...if you place you finger back there you will feel it and it drops down to underneath the center console...
  10. 2010-13 Mazdaspeed 3 News & Discussion
1-10 of 10 Results