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  1. James Barone Racing
    You asked for it, so we took care of it... Improvements & Updates: We've brought the entire manufacturing process in house which means we can offer these in 3 colors and at a lower price! $165.00 without a check valve and $180.00 with. We've improved the mounting bracket. It's now constructed...
  2. CorkSport Mazda Performance
    The CorkSport Carbon Fiber Hood Scoop has been re-released: Mazda 3 Hood Scoop | CorkSport
  3. James Barone Racing
    Details: The New JBR TRU-3.0 & 3.5” Wide Path Full Intake Systems are the only True 3” intake systems that extend from the MAF housing all the way to the transition at the turbo. Currently, all one piece metal intakes that are available from our competitors are 2.87” or 3.37" and all the other...
  4. James Barone Racing
    The story... 3 years ago JBR released mud flaps for the MAZDASPEED 3 constructed out of textured ABS plastic. Our thought was that they would be more durable than the urethane flaps being offered at the time and for a while they were. Then winter came and the ABS got much less flexible, became...