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r or c

  1. r/c race

    These are R/C cars and the wheelie is awsome.....https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ARDw_hGEk_8 Note: FAST & FURIOUS themed ! oh, and I like the tuna here.
  2. R/C airshow

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    since i was in the neighborhood for the rally, SCCMAS (my old flying club) had an air show going on
  3. R/C drifting

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    I've slowly crept back into this hobby and am amazed at what's transpired since I last sent my R/C car sideways (early 2007). I'm currently running a Yokomo MR4-TC SD, looking to tweak it out some more before I saddle down and get a real chassis (front/mid motor mount, belt-drive, double deck...