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  1. 2014-2018 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Suspension & Handling
    I noticed that my right rear strut was leaking fluid the last time I was cleaning my Mazda. Car has just over 20k miles (32k km) so I am bummed that it is already bad. I saw that another user on here had a bad RR strut so I am just wondering if this is a common issue. Good news is that it's an...
  2. 2010-2013 Mazda 3 & Skyactiv Suspension & Handling
    Anyone else noticing that after installing road magnets (and konis), the strut mount bearing wears out very quickly and leads to clunking (particularly over bumps)? My friend is soon to be on his third bearing and i am on my second. Our mechanic did mention that it will keep wearing out with...
1-2 of 2 Results