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  1. New Member / New(ish) Mazda

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    Hey all! Joined up to learn about my new car. Picked up a like new 2013 Mazda3 GS Sport-SKY ! It is absolutley a blast to drive. Only had 64,000Km on it. I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can here!
  2. New-ish 2011 Speed3 owner

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    2011 Celestial Blue Mica Mazdaspeed3 owner here. Located on Long Island NY. Stock is Stock...for now.
  3. Newish Mazda3 owner

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    Been lurking these forms for close to a year now but never really introduced myself. I'm from Edmonton, AB with a 2012 CWP Mazda3 GT hatch. This forum is awesome, so much great info on how-to's on here! Anyone else from Edmonton here? :cheesy:
  4. Newish 2010 M3 2.5L here

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    I'm in Orange California, ill try to make it so SoCal meet ups. I've been lurking here since May when I got my 3, but just never posted. Thought i'd start posting now that I have started my mods. This is my first Mazda, after my Focus died and my girlfriend(2007 M6) convinced me to look in to...
  5. New Mazda, Newish Member

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    Hello All! I joined the forum about a year ago when I purchased a used Mazda 3 iTouring Auto from Hertz Car Sales, it had quite a few miles on it, but was a lot of fun and in good shape. Normally I drive cars until the wheels fall off, but I was offered a very good deal on my trade and decided...
  6. 2012 MS3 CWP - newish member from Canada

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    Im from Nova Scotia, Canada. Im sure most of you aren't sure where that is, lol:chuck_norris 1: Have been lurking on this site for a little while. Trading my 2010 mazda 3 hatch gx in this week for a 2012 MS3 CWP tech package. Cannot wait to start modding! I've done a few cosmetic mods to my...