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  1. South Central
    DATE OF MEETUP: Saturday, May 17th, 2014 TIME: meet between 12pm-1pm @ Applebees in Lakeline Mall parking lot. LOCATION: Lime Creek Road PLAN: Meet up at a restaurant (yet to be determined) on/near RR 620 and get acquainted, take pics, show off rides. Next we all head down Lime Creek all the...
  2. South Central
    I know @snowy8171 and @T.Scheps are from STL. Anyone else? I'm down for a meet whenever, preferably weekends. I don't really know anyone down here so it'd be nice to meet some people. I'm at the College of Pharmacy and lack any form of transportation. I'll have a metro pass here soon so I can...
  3. Pacific West
    Glad I made it out to this epic meetup on Thursday (4/29) with over 100 cars (mostly Mazdas). Good times!
1-3 of 3 Results